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Big Love

By Charles L. Mee
Directed by Robert Faires


50 runaway brides seek refuge in a villa on the Italian coast in this hilarious and heartbreaking comedy by Charles Mee.  When 50 determined grooms drop out of the sky, the villa erupts in a clash of wills, song, dance, violent fits, satin ribbon and one final, unforgettable showdown. 


Based on the oldest play in the western world, The Suppliants by Aeschylus, Mee's modern take is at once an unflinching look at the themes of justice and revenge, and an ode to the enduring power of love.


Robert Faires directed this dangerous confection of a play, featuring some of Austin's finest theatrical talent on the Rollins Stage at the Long Center for the Performing Arts in November of 2012.     


Lydia - Shannon Grounds*

Thyona - Julianna Wright

Olympia - Andrea Smith

Nikos - Aaron Alexander

Constantine - Rommel Sulit*

Oed - Nathan Osburn

Piero - Robert Matney

Giuliano - Michael Slefinger*

Bella - Lana Dieterich

Eleanor - Anne Hulsman

Leo - Robert Deike

Brides - Rachel Weise, Bethany Harbaugh

Grooms - Dane Krager, Chris Hejl


Production Crew

Director - Robert Faires*

Production Manager - Melinda Parr

Stage Manager - Johnny Gonzalez

Set Designer - Ia Enstera**

Lighting Designer - Patrick Anthony**

Sound Designer - Buzz Moran

Costume Designer - Pam Friday



* Award Nominated  -  **Award Winning



"Ready to get heady about love? In the Long Center's Rollins Theatre, Shrewd Productions explores the conundrum of this impossibly gargantuan subject in a thought provoking new production of playwright Charles Mee'sBig Love. Arts critic and Austin theater veteran Robert Faires directs a fearless team of actors through a complex labyrinth of a play that touches on the interconnected social, political and personal aspects of love." 
- Michael Graupmann - Austin Culturemap - Full Review


"Shrewd Productions has fortunately cast its production of Big Love with a lovely, lovely group of actors who fit their parts well. Under the direction of ChronicleArts Editor Robert Faires, the ensemble is so good that it's difficult to isolate just one or two performances...Instead, it's better to relish the sight of men and women in their wedding best flinging themselves onto the ground or to enjoy the sight of so many characters with conflicting intentions work their way through the's great fun to listen to them – or even to let all the words simply wash over you and watch the story float by."
- Elizabeth Cobbe - Austin Chronicle - Full Review


Video Trailer - Lydia Nelson


Production Photos - Kimberley Mead

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