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We hope you'll join us in bringing this season to life. We couldn't do this work without you!

Box office sales only provide 40% of the costs of a production on average.  Join us as a Donor for exclusive perks and special events throughout the season! All donations are tax deductible. 

Good Vibes - $10

Feel the good vibes flow from us to you for supporting new work and women's voices in theatre!

Stick with Shrewd - $25

Feel those good vibes, and get 1 ticket for the Rolling World Premiere of JUMP!


Be a VIP - $50

Get all the above perks, plus get 1 ticket to the Rolling World Premiere of JUMP, and signed postcard from the cast when you check in to see the show!

Be a VIP x 2! - $100

Enjoy all the perks of a VIP, but for two!  


Join the Party! - $200

All the perks of the VIPx2, PLUS two tickets to BROKEN BONE BATHTUB!


Toast with the Cast - $500

Get 2 free tickets to JUMP, 2 free tickets to BROKEN BONE BATHTUB, AND 2 tickets to Opening Weekend of ALABASTER! And we aren't done with the celebration!  You're invited backstage for a special champagne toast with the cast for the opening night of the National Rolling World Premiere of JUMP!

Be a Producer! - $3000

You like us!  You really like us!  Enjoy all the perks we have to offer, plus credit as a member of the Producer's Circle in our show programs and on our website.  We'll also send you a framed poster from both productions signed by the playwrights!

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