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The Revolutionists

By Megan Gogerty

Directed by Shannon Grounds

“Megan, Lady Macbeth is a tragic figure of powerful darkness, and you are the human equivalent of a golden retriever.”

When a comedian is informed that she can’t play Lady Macbeth, she sets out to prove everyone wrong, only to discover that not only must she reevaluate her preconceptions of Lady Macbeth, she must reconsider herself as both a woman and as a standup comedian.

Starring Austin's own Eva McQuade as Megan, and directed by Shrewd Artistic Director Shannon Grounds, Lady Macbeth and Her Pal Megan explores the question:  “What’s it like to be a woman comedian?”


Spoiler: it’s murder.


Lady Macbeth and Her Pal, Megan ran June 21-July 6, 2019 at the Santa Cruz Center for Culture


"Go see Megan Gogerty's LADY MACBETH AND HER PAL MEGAN. If a review could start and end with one sentence this would be it...

Produced by Shrewd Productions and performed at the ever-evolving and improving Santa Cruz Theatre (keep it up Ryan Salinas!) LADY MACBETH AND HER PAL MEGAN shines a light on the complexities of being a woman in theatre, comedy and the United States in the 21st century. Written by University of Texas alum Megan Gogerty, the show is, er... a kind of stand-up play? A monologue performed as a stand up act? It defies description in a way, but it helps to imagine it as a genuinely funny, touching, and tangled one woman show performed by the adorable Eva McQuade...

Dealing with her own ambivalence about womanhood, McQuade as Megan takes us through a wonderfully engaging hour or so of Gogerty's evolving interpretation of Lady Macbeth's ambition and the Witches anarchy. Twisting and winding through the experience of being a female comedian in today's culture, it doesn't seem as though the concept could result in the rich tapestry of thought and emotion it provides. But it does...

McQuade is a pure delight, engaging us from her seemingly unassuming entrance until after the curtain call. She sparkles, broods, and invites us into Gogerty's world and endears us to her as if she is, well, a... a golden retriever. But she's so much more than that in the end: a child, a comedian, a woman, a friend, a wife, a sage, a witch."

- Joni Lorraine, BroadwayWorld


Video Trailer - Magic Spoon Productions

Publicity & Production Photos - Errich Peterson

Megan - Eva McQuade**

Alexis - Olivia Jimenez

Comics - Robert Deike

Production Crew

Director - Shannon Grounds
Producer - Shannon Grounds

Production Manager - Melinda Parr

Stage Manager - Cortney DeAngelo

Set Design - Patrick Anthony

Costume Designer - Eva McQuade

Lighting Designer - Patrick Anthony

Sound Design - Benjamin Galvan

Prop Design - Cortney DeAngelo & Shannon Grounds

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