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Letters from Camp Shrewd

Story by Reina Hardy

Written by Trey Deason, Reina Hardy, Krysta Gonzales, & Briandaniel Oglesby
Featuring Taylor Flanagan, Anne Hulsman, Malyssa Quiles, & Jesus Valles

Concept by Anne Hulsman & Shannon Grounds

The kids of Camp Shrewd are in lockdown. With the Coronavirus preventing them from returning home, and an internet outage cutting them off from the online world, they resort to writing letters to their friends and loved ones. But “extended camp” is not as boring as they expect. As the situation outside deteriorates, the kids find themselves haunted by the ghosts of campers past. With no means of escape, the campers must research and neutralize this supernatural threat themselves....and find their own place in history.


Patrons who sign up to be a part of Letters from Camp Shrewd will receive 6 weekly letters IN THE ACTUAL MAIL from a camper, along with artifacts, souvenirs from camp, and maybe even some clues!


This multidisciplinary piece expands the ways we connect with our audience, and offers a unique, fully interactive experience over the course of 6 weeks.

Camp Registration is now closed!  However, you do have the Letters from Camp Shrewd podcast to look forward to, coming this October!

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