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By Joshua Conkel
Directed by Jason Hays


Meet Emory, an 11-year-old boy who lives on a farm with his chain-smoking Nanna and his only friend, a giant chicken named Linda. Nanna wishes Emory would put that barbie down, stop choreographing elaborate dance numbers and act more like a boy. Elliot, the bully down the road, wishes the parasitic twin living inside him would stop making him beat up on Emory. Linda wishes she could pursue a career as a stand-up comedian instead of a main course meal. And Emory… he just wants to reach for the stars!

Shrewd Productions was proud to present this return engagment of Joshua Conkel's wickedly funny, delightfully strange and decidedly shrewd exploration of gender, adolescence and how we fight to be who we are – no matter what. MilkMilkLemonade played to enormous critical acclaim at the Vortex in September, 2010 under the direction of Jason Hays, and again at the Hideout Downstairs in 2011.  


2010 Cast
Emory - Xaq Webb*

Elliot - Jericho Thorpe*

Linda - Joe Hartman*

Lady in the Leotard - Shannon Grounds**

Nanna - Chris Humphrey**


2011 Cast

Emory - Michael Slefinger*

Elliot - Chris Hejl*

Linda - Joe Hartman*

Lady in the Leotard - Shannon Grounds**

Nanna - Chris Humphrey**


2010 & 2011 Production Crew
Director - Jason Hays

Stage Manager and Sound Designer - Bryan Schneider

Set Designer - Nick Renaud*

Costume Designer - Pam Friday*

Lighting Designer - Jon Derrington

Makeup Designer - Amelia Turner**


*Award Nominated  -   **Award Winning



Austin Chronicle Article - Katherine Catmull 


2011 Production Photos - Kimberley Mead


2010 Production Photos - Kimberley Mead

"The spontaneity in this new barnyard is at once uproarious and stinging...each member of the cast is truly strong, heartfelt, and entirely believable, without a weak link in the chain. Once again serving up a tall pitcher of their delicious MilkMilkLemonade."
- Adam Robert - Austin Chronicle - Full Review


"by far the most non-stop hilarious show I have seen in a very, very long time. … I was totally enthralled with this show; it is brilliantly comprised of nothing but the best talents on all levels"
- Olin Meadows - Austin Onstage - Full Review


"a touching and charismatic romp through childhood dreams and disillusions... MilkMilkLemonade' shows us how much courage it takes to be yourself.."

- Cate Blouke - Austin American Statesman - Full Review


"In this Shrewd Productions rendition of Joshua Conkel's play, the actors put themselves on the line, and the story stays with you after you leave."
- Barry Pineo - Austin Chronicle - Full Review


"outstanding makeup and costume design, with the excellent Chris Humphrey stretched convincingly taut as the terminally ill Nana, and a stand-out Joe Hartman clad in what is sure to be the year's finest chicken costume-meets-Carmen Miranda outfit… MilkMilkLemonade is a chance for Shannon Grounds to show off her skill as a physical comedian…Her introductory sequence at the beginning of the show is nearly worth the price of admission itself."
- Dan Solomon - Austinist - Full Review



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