There’s a mystery brewing at Shrewd Mountain Lodge, and we need your help to solve it, and save the Winter Festival from disaster... or worse.


As a premium subscriber, you'll receive 7 video messages, 5 Holiday cards and letters in the mail, and 4 "Performance Reports" from our mysterious Stage Manager over the course of 6 weeks, along with artifacts and clues to solve the mystery -  but that's not all! 


You'll also have the chance to write to the cast of characters at Shrewd Mountain Lodge, and they'll write back!!  You'll also receive a custom-designed Shrewd T-shirt to show your support, mailed on the first week, AND free access to the digital version of Shrewd Moutain Lodge when it comes out in January.  Please include your t-shirt size in your order.


Holiday Greeting from Shrewd Mountain Lodge - Premium