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Meet Sherman - Greetings from Shrewd Mountain Lodge

Sherman's made a name for himself as the owner of Texas Tappers, the town's local dance studio, and launchpad to stardom for the lucky few. Sherman fronts the money for the Shrewd Mountain Lodge Holiday show every year, and always makes it back (and then some)! But this year, the show's Director is straying from it's tried and true format, leaving Sherman holding the bag... and he's NOT happy about it. Get Tickets to Shrewd Mountain Lodge today!

Raul Garza plays Sherman Park in "Greetings from Shrewd Mountain Lodge: A Holiday Whodunit"
Raul Garza as Sherman Park

A message from Raul

While downright hermit-ish most of the year, I rally for the festivus pole, menorah, yule log, luminarias, and anything remotely holiday related. We Texans do the holidays right, and by right I mean sometimes so not right that it’s absolutely right. It is a blast to write Sherman into the Hilll Country holiday lore, and downright festive to bring this Christmas angel/devil to life. ¡Gracias, Shrewd!

About Raul Garza

Raul Garza is a Latinx playwright who has drawn acclaim for telling stories that resound with authenticity and sense of place. He boldly explores the intersection of popular culture and cultural identity, and incorporates music, spirituality, and the power of nostalgia into works that span time and location.

When not writing, Raul vibes on kundalini yoga, devours pop culture, and travels beyond his means.


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