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Stillborn: a bedtime story

By Monika Bustamante
Directed by Andrea Skola


Are we born what we are, or do we become what we fear? When three sisters are left to fend for themselves in a one bar town with a too sad story, what's to grow up for?


In this meticulously structured story, memory is instructive; pain is recreated; lessons are learned early and never forgotten. But if you can't forgive the past, how do you see the future - and what if the stories you tell yourself come true? 


Shrewd Productions presented the world premiere of this hauntingly beautiful script by Monika Bustmante at Hyde Park Theatre in the Fall of 2006.



Merideth - Kathleen Fletcher*

Maria - Shannon Grounds

Clay - Paul Wright+

Cory - Michael Joplin


Production Crew
Director - Andrea Skola

Production Manager - Melissa Livingston

Set Designer - Paul Davis

Costume Designer - T. Lynn Mikeska

Lighting Designer - Brock England

Sound Designer - Skipper Chong Warson


*Award Nominated  


+Paul Wright appeared courtesy of Actors Equity


Photos by Bret Brookshire


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