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The Dragon Play

A World Premiere by Jenny Connell Davis
Directed by Shannon Grounds


On a lonely farm in northern Minnesota, a husband and wife's peaceful existence is shattered by the appearance of an unexpected visitor. On a hot stretch of highway in central Texas, a boy befriends a wounded dragon.


Spanning two moments in time and space and blurring the lines between each, The Dragon Play explores what happens when reality and fantasy converge, when desire and duty conflict, and when our deepest secrets show up breathing fire.


Woman - Liz Fisher

Dragon/Loserboy - Joseph Garlock*

Dragongirl - Amelia Turner

Man - Rommel Sulit*

Boy - Xander Slay-Tamkin



Production Crew

Director - Shannon Grounds

Production Manager - Melinda Parr

Stage Manager - Katherine Beamer

Technical Director - Zac Crawford

Set Designer - Connor Hopkins

Lighting Designer - Patrick Anthony

Sound Designer - Jimy Gunn

Songs by - T. Lynn Mikeska



* Award Nominated



"The Dragon Play is a novel experience, a take on one of the most famous mythological creatures that could not be less whimsical. Connell's, and in turn, director Shannon Grounds', ability to keep the subject matter so imaginative while at the same time grounding it so fiercely in reality is admirable" 

- Ryan E. Johnson, Austin Theatre Examiner  - Full Review


"Director Shannon Grounds keeps well-focused on the drama's emotional stakes, a task she's aided in by actors with a deep sensitivity to feelings...Thus this fable of the fantastic feels very grounded, its heartrending choices all too real. We catch ourselves reflected in the mythical beast's shining scales, seeing what it is to sacrifice our identity for love and choose the ordinary over the extraordinary." - Robert Faires, Austin Chronicle - Full Review

Video Trailer - Lydia Nelson


Austin Culturemap Article - Georgia Young


Production Photos - Kimberley Mead

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