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The Long Now

By Beth Burns**
Directed by Beth Burns


Tish Reilly has a very special friend – Time. Tish can go back to any place where a good memory remains and enter it, reliving the moments that please her. When she reunites with the oft-remembered Larry, her first love, she finds a reason to finally begin to push forward in her life again.


But will Time, who has grown so fond of her, be willing to let her go? 

The Long Now was written and directed by Beth Burns and featured original music from Grammy-nominated composer/musician Burton C. Bell and founding Shrewd T. Lynn Mikeska. Renowned puppeteer Jesse Kingsley designed shadowed backdrops and ingenious shadow puppets to represent the character "Time".


Tish - Shannon Grounds*

Larry - Mason Stewart

Sherry - Anne Hulsman

Tom - D.H. Thompson

Penny/Mom - Suzanne Balling

Time (voice) - T. Lynn Mikeska*

Time (puppeteers) - Cami Alys and Parker Dority


Production Crew

Director - Beth Burns

Production Manager - Melissa Livingston-Weaver

Stage Manager - Stephanie Delk

Set Designer - Connor Hopkins

Lighting Designer - Stephen Pruitt

Sound Designer - Buzz Moran

Costume Designer - Diane Morrison

Original Score - T. Lynn Mikeska*

Puppet Design - Jesse Kingsley*




* Award Nominated  -  **Award Winning



"This is a powerful, challenging evening of theatre, recommended both for its emotional impact and for thesharp edges of its concept."
- Michael Meigs - AustinLiveTheatre


"The Long Now will be one of those plays that you still mull over in your mind, several days after the cast has taken their bows."
- Rob Faubion - Austin Onstage Magazine - Full Review


"Tish, played with success across a spectrum of ages, senses, and moods by Shannon Grounds, is the heart. Grounds ranges from the sinking addict, nodding off into a fantasy or scrabbling at her chest just to feel one new sensation, to a child with all her natural wonder to the wounded adult trying to move forward. Each adds a new layer to Tish, and all are affecting...Burns has mixed fairy tale, relationship drama, and mystery into one constantly counter-balancing, turning story." - Joey Seiler - Austin American Statesman - Full Review


Production Photos - Kimberley Mead

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