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Trash Anthems

By Dan Dietz
Directed by Andrea Skola and Monika Bustamante, with Melissa Livingston, T. Lynn Mikeska, Shannon Grounds and Dan Dietz


The brother with only one gift left to give.  The feminist studies major turned Vegas showgirl.  The Man Who Made the Plan to Drop the Shock and Spread the Awe. Superman.  And a woman singing that same ol' white trash anthem...with a twist.  



These are just some of the characters in this single evening of short plays dedicated to beloved losers across time and space. They're all down on their luck. They're all facing catastrophe.  And they're all funny.  


Shrewd Productions presented this collection of short plays by Dan Dietz, seen for the first time together in one evening, at the Hyde Park Theatre in 2007.


Ensemble Cast

Jerry Joe Benson

Tom Coiner

Shannon Grounds

Jude Hickey

T. Lynn Mikeska

Valerie Redd

Andrea Skola


Production Crew
Director - Andrea Skola, Monika Bustamante, T. Lynn Mikeska, Shannon Grounds, Melissa Livingston, Dan Dietz

Stage Manager - Robin Grace Thompson

Sound Designer - Buzz Moran



Photos by Bret Brookshire


"The plays continue to live in this rich vein. Humor in the darkness. Laughter through the tragedy. It takes a damn good writer to have an audience in stitches over a woman who has just murdered her husband or a man who is about to have his tooth ripped out by a pair of pliers. Each of the seven pieces unfolds like a gift being opened, full of surprising scenarios and sympathetic characters."

- Hannah Kenah - Austin Chronicle


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