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Where Are They Now?  A Fantasy Based on a True Crime

By Cyndi Williams*
Directed Cyndi Williams


Once upon a time, two lonely girls met, fell in love, and committed a notorious murder that culminated in a lurid trial, harsh prison sentences, and a fabulous film by Peter Jackson…..


Where Are They Now? is a fantastical journey that begins in a library, and travels into the heart of guilt, betrayal, and love lost.  From the sinister tales of a young mystery novelist, and the secrets of a childish and volatile librarian - to the ghosts that unravel a tragic story of two girls and a terrible crime.  Historic text taken from diaries, newspaper accounts, the trial and the autopsy are also driven into the heart of this sexy, disturbing story.


Shrewd Productions was thrilled to present the world premiere of this collaborative work, which garnered rave reviews and received 6 Austin Critic's Table nominations, including Best Original Script, Best Lead Actress for both Grounds and Mikeska, Best Sound Design and winning the award for Best Production of a Drama and Best Supporting Actor for Anne Hulsman. 


Hilary/Pauline - Shannon Grounds*

Anne/Juliet - T. Lynn Mikeska*

Other - Anne Hulsman**


Production Crew
Director - Cyndi Williams

Set Designer - Andrea Skola

Costume Designer - T. Lynn Mikeska, Cyndi Williams

Lighting Designer - Jennifer Rogers

Sound Design - K. Eliot Haynes*



*Award Nominated  -   **Award Winning


Photos by Bret Brookshire


"Both play and this production are admirably focused, like the one hot light that bears down on suspects in a police interrogation room. Williams, who also directs, keeps her cast intent on mining the internal struggles of the protagonists Pauline and Juliet, and the actors artfully chart a fascinating turn in character in the women before the crime and after...Ultimately, this production of Where Are They Now? does its source proud; it fascinates. It's one true-crime drama that isn't about who done it but who survives it."

Robert Faires - Austin Chronicle

"With powerhouse performances from a talented cast, plus a lauded multi-talented writer/director (and so much more) of Williams' caliber, Where Are They Now? is a sure bet."

- Julie Holden - Austinist


"The actors portraying Pauline and Juliet -- the radiant Shannon
Grounds and T. Lynn Mikeska, respectively -- also assume the roles of
Gina and Deborah, the goddesses, and Hilary and Anne, characters that
mirror the homicidal teens' projected progression into adulthood. A
third actor, the dry and refreshing Ann Hulsman, embodies several
characters under the functional title Other...The actors and Williams are mutually indebted to one another. As
Williams has provided these women with smart material from which to
create characters, the actors, in turn, have elevated Williams' script...In all, it is a beautifully acted and carefully directed piece of theater.."

- Tommy O'Malley - Austin American Statesman


Austin Chronicle Article - Barry Pineo


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