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Cheers & Applause!

Shrewd receives 6 B. Iden Payne nominations for our 2014-2015 season, including Best Production of a Drama!


We're honored and beyond thrilled to have received six nominations this year from the B. Iden Payne Committee!

It means a lot to us to be recognized by the theatre community for our work in Katie Bender's beautiful Still Now and our co-production with Whirligig Productions, the choose-your-own-Greek-tragedy, Deus Ex Machina by Liz Fisher!


Shrewd has been devoted to producing the world premieres of emerging female playwrights for 10 years, and it's awards like this that help keep us on the map and achieve greater access to funding in the future.


A big "thank you" to the B. Iden Paynes Awards Committee, an organization devoted to supporting and recognizing excellence in Austin theatre, and even bigger round of applause to our audiences this season!  Thank YOU for making this a great year for Shrewd Productions!

For Still Now:

For Deus Ex Machina:

All of us at Shrewd are incredibly grateful for your support. We can't wait to share with you what we've got cooked up for this year!

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