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What the World Needs Now is Love...


Love it or hate it, Valentine's Day is coming up.  Although some people see the day as a day to celebrate romantic love, we here at Shrewd believe Love is for Everyone!  So we have created a unique, multi-disciplinary offering for our patrons by collaborating with poets, writers, visual artists, and performers to offer hand-crafted, custom valentines.  


From the romantic to the risque', silly to cynical, humorous to heartfelt - whatever your sentiments, Shrewd wants YOU to Be Our Valentine.

We may have to be physically apart for now - but you'll always be in our hearts!


If you enjoyed Letters from Camp Shrewd, we think you'll love Be My Valentine.  Sign up to receive a surprise Valentine from Shrewd for yourself, or send one as a gift.  All proceeds go to pay our local artists.  Along with your Valentine, you'll also receive a video of a Shrewd Company member, performing your special Valentine.


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For Subscribers in January...

Mac, an adjunct lecturer, and Nessa, a freshman, have a lot in common. They’re slightly awkward, deeply passionate about Homer’s The Odyssey, and are African-Americans in a very white department at a very white school. They stumble upon the discovery that Homer himself came from Africa, and must figure out how best to honor this truth in the face of university administrators, overbearing older siblings, the Internet, and Homer himself. HOMERIDAE is a play about who controls the narrative, and about finding your voice when it seems like no one is listening.

January 31st at 2pm via Zoom

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