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Meet our Collaborators - Zatero Dance!

Zatero Dance has created a pre-show performance for Shrewd's NNPN rolling world premiere of Stephanie Alison Walker's THE MADRES.

Zatero Dance

A message from ZATERO Dance

We were introduced to this project by our co-worker/friend, Clarissa Smith-Hernandez, early this year. We had never heard of the Dirty War before, so it was a shock to learn the many ways in which humanity was threatened during this time. This play is a beautiful example of the tragedy, fear and strength exemplified by those who had lost their loved ones, and it is an inspiration for moving forward and continuing to fight for what you love. ZATERO Dance is honored for the opportunity to put this story into movement, creating a new perspective for the audience to enjoy. Sometimes the best way to say what you mean is not with words, but by demonstration.

About ZATERO Dance

ZATERO Dance was informally founded in the fall of 2017 by Natasha Small and Liliana Zapatero. The two began their collaboration with a mutual desire to create, drawing inspiration from their everyday lives and generating movement from the use of various choreographic tools. Their creative process has led them to projects which enable them to collaborate with theater artists and fellow choreographers. ZATERO Dance is honored to have their premiere debut as an opening act for the production of The Madres.

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