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Meet Kayla - Letters from Camp Shrewd

So many thoughts, so many feels! Kayla is Camp Shrewd's resident history buff, and voted most likely to have a Major Crush. Meet the creative team behind this character, Trey Deason and Malyssa Quiles!

Trey Deason writes "Kayla" in Letters from Camp Shrewd

A message from Trey

Growing up, I didn't have much of a camper personality; I'm not a sporty type. But I did go to a Summer retreat each year (as well as a Summer camp for at least one year), and though living in nature is not my ideal, I did enjoy getting away from the rest of the world for a time to reflect. For all the shit that's happening, I feel like this is a good time to similarly step back and reflect. And I'm excited to be a part of a project that allows folks to experience this story at their leisure, giving them the opportunity to reflect on what's happening over the course of a few weeks. Also, I was often lonely at Summer camp. That may sound sad, but sometimes it's good to be lonely; it reminds us about the need for other people as well as trusting ourselves that we are enough to survive.

About Trey Deason

Trey Deason is a Shrewd company member who was last seen as Hopkins in the rolling world premiere of Jump. He previously appeared for Shrewd in the world premiere of The Afterparty as well as a brief one night cameo in Lady Macbeth and Her Pal, Megan. He is also a Vortex company member who has appeared in devised works such as Last: An Extinction Comedy and Privacy Settings: A Promethean Tale, as well as new works such as Sarah Saltwick's A Perfect Robot and Reina Hardy's Stars and Barmen (now titled Stargazers.) He spends his days out there in the wild making coffee in order to pay rent, so please wear masks and tip if you are able.

Malyssa Quiles plays Kayla in Letters from Camp Shrewd

A message from Malyssa

Throughout these past few months, I’d been yearning for a way to connect with people that wasn’t through a computer screen, so when there was an opportunity to be a part of something super fun and creative AND a way to connect with others, I couldn’t jump on it fast enough.

Unraveling a mystery through letters isn’t something I would have ever thought possible before Covid, so I’m really excited to see how it all unfolds.

About Malyssa Quiles

Malyssa is a performer, sound designer and technician, and whatever else one might need in a theatre! Recent works include designing sound for Alabaster (Shrewd Productions) and acting in La Pastorela (Teatro Vivo) and Más Cara (The Vortex). Malyssa is also a Shrewd Productions company member. When not working on a project, you can find her zooming around Austin on her longboard, jamming to some tunes.

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