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Meet Brandon - Greetings from Shrewd Mountain Lodge

Brandon grew up with the Shrewd Moutain Lodge Holiday show, and he's obsessed! A former student of Texas Tappers, this rising YouTube star and influencer is counting on his stage debut to pave the way to greater things, maybe even Broadway... and he's not letting ANYTHING stand in his way. Get Tickets to Shrewd Mountain Lodge today!

Blaise Ricin plays Brandon Jeremy James in "Greetings from Shrewd Mountain Lodge: A Holiday Whodunit"
Blaise Ricin as Brandon Jeremy James

A message from Blaise

After spending so many months in lockdown, I had an opportunity to really explore what I love and what I missed about performance. Dance and burlesque were always my loves, but I missed actually *talking* to an audience. I’m so excited to be involved in such a wild, fun project!

About Blaise Ricin

Blaise Ricin is best known around town as a burlesque performer and producer. A newer company member to Shrewd Productions as well as Vortex Repertory, he’s excited to make his return to theatre! Most recently, he premiered his new project Malum Malus, a collective of dance and performance artists that use ritual and burlesque to bedazzle their audience.


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