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AYLI Artist Profile: Molly Fonseca

Molly Fonseca plays the melancholy Jacques in Shrewd's upcoming production of As You Like It.

Why are you excited about this production of As You Like It?

Ladies doing it for themselves. I love this. I love all the new ideas that are coming from the script simply by giving women more opportunities. I have always loved As You Like It, it's my favorite comedy. I always dreamed about which roles I would like to play and Jacques never crossed my mind. There's absolutely no reason why Jacques can't be played by a woman. So, I'm excited for the challenge, open to the possibilities and energized by the cast and Lily's direction.

About Molly

Molly is very excited to work with Shrewd for the first time! She was most recently seen in Street Corner Art's The Great God Pan and Waiting for Lefty. She has previously worked with Hyde Park Theatre, Penfold Theatre and Cap T among others.


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