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Meet the Cast - Chelsea Manasseri as Fay

Chelsea Manasseri plays Fay in JUMP, now presented by Shrewd as part of her NNPN rolling world premiere.

Stephanie Alison Walker - Playwright of The Madres

A message from Chelsea

I am so excited to be appearing as Fay in this production of Jump, and cannot wait to share this story with audiences. As someone living with depression, I am thrilled and proud to be helping tell a story that centers mental health and encourages awareness. This story is relatable. It’s raw. It’s timely as hell. And hopefully it will encourage those who attend our production to go home and have a real, raw, uncomfortable but necessary conversation with their loved ones about how they’re doing… really. The conversations in the rehearsal room have often centered mental health, not just that of the characters but that of the cast and crew, and the freedom to discuss our truths without judgement helped cultivate a space where this story, and these storytellers, could thrive. It’s probably no surprise that this experience has not been particularly easy. However, it has been validating, empowering, and so worth it.

I am so grateful to Charly Evon Simpson for centering a Black family in a story that isn’t focused on race and instead focuses on family, death, life, mental health, and love. I am also grateful to our director, the fabulous Shannon Grounds, for trusting me with Fay, and for using her platform to uplift this story and these voices.

About Chelsea Manasseri

Chelsea Manasseri is an Austin-based actor, singer, and writer. Chelsea has been performing in Austin theatres since 1999 and is thrilled to be making her debut with Shrewd Productions. Local roles include Mama Morton in Chicago (Half & Half Productions), Persephone in Persephone (Vortex Repertory Company; world premiere production), and Berenice Sadie Brown in The Member of the Wedding(Different Stages; B. I den Payne award nomination – Lead Actress in a Drama.) Chelsea holds a BA in Musical Theatre Performance from Oakland University in Rochester Hills, MI, and is a proud company member of the Vortex Repertory Company and Shrewd Productions. When not on stage, Chelsea teaches 2nd grade reading and English. Many thanks to Shannon for this opportunity, and lots of love to the cast for all the much-needed laughter.

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