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Meet Weezy - Jennifer Jennings

Jennifer Jennings plays Weezy in ALABASTER by Audrey Cefaly, now presented by Shrewd as part of her record-breaking NNPN rolling world premiere.

Jennifer Jennings plays Weezy in Alabaster

A message from Jen

This play's exploration about the effects of trauma spoke to me on a deeply personal level. My work as a school counselor is steeped in trauma-informed care, and the way it's presented here is so beautiful and real and raw that I knew I couldn't pass up the opportunity to help tell the story. I love the respect paid to each woman represented, even the ones covered in fur. And, of course, I was not going to pass up working alongside these women. That would make about as much sense as taking advice from a talking goat.

About Jennifer Jennings

Playing strong Southern women will always be Jen’s greatest honor, even when they take the shape of a talking goat. She dedicates this performance to her favorite strong Southern woman, her late grandmother, Jeanne Elliott, and sincerely hopes she forgives her for confessing, in print, that she hates okra. TEXAS/REGIONAL: Much Ado About Nothing (Penfold Theatre), Agent Andromeda (Sky Candy), The History of King Lear (The Hidden Room), The Great American Trailer Park Musical (Austin Theatre Project), Still Now (Shrewd Productions), Lear (Vortex Rep), Wild Horses (Vortex Rep; 2018 B. Iden Payne Outstanding Actress in a Drama; Robert Faires' Top 10 (+1) Theatre Riches of 2017; 2018 Austin Critics Table Performance by an Individual), Storm Still (Vortex Rep; 2018 B. Iden Payne Small Cast Performance in Scripted Theatre), Terminus (Vortex Rep; B. Iden Payne Outstanding Cast Performance), Sing Muse (Vortex Rep; B. Iden Payne Outstanding Original Score). Super Team J 4-eva.

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