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Meet our Understudy - David Allan Barrera!

David Allan Barrera plays Diego on September 1st in Shrewd Productions' NNPN rolling world premiere of Stephanie Alison Walker's THE MADRES.

David Allan Barrera in The Madres

A message from David

I'm so thrilled that Latinx Theatre is thriving and alive. Which makes me very excited be a part of something that really does represent a kind of people I grew up with back home; to be a part of something specific to my heart.

About David Allan Barrera

David Allan Barrera (Diego) is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin’s Theatre program. Most recently he portrayed Liam Haber in The City Theatre’s BAD JEWS as well as Leo in Playhouse Theatre’s youth production of THE SMARTEST GIRL IN THE WORLD. David is excited to have this opportunity to be on stage with all these talented actors and artists who dedicated their time for this experience to exist. He's extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to be guided by their generous leader Lily Wolff.

(Photo by Errich Peterson, Costume by Laura Gonzalez.)

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