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Meet the Sound Designer - Benjamin Galvan!

Benjamin Galvan is the Sound Designer for Shrewd's NNPN rolling world premiere of Stephanie Alison Walker's THE MADRES.

Benjamin Galvan - Sound Designer

A message from Ben

I’m excited to be a part of this production because of its commentary on past injustices which are very similar to some injustices which take action to this day.

About Benjamin Galvan

Benjamin Galvan is a novice sound designer with a fair amount of experience. He started his journey in his freshman year of high school and never looked back. Ben came a short way from San Antonio but has come a long way in the wonderful world of theatre. He’s now contributed to many productions during his time here at UT, including the award nominated, “In the Red and Brown Water”, “In D-nile” which was premiered in Dance Reparatory Theatre’s “Momentum” and went on to be performed in the 2018 Fusebox festival, and, the ambitious radio play experience, spearheaded by Daria Marianelli; “105: Walking Days”. Ben is very excited to participate in his first show with Shrewd Productions. He has a lot to learn while in transition from the educational theatre realm to the professional.

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