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AYLI Artist Profile: Julie Moore

Julie Moore plays Touchstone in Shrewd's upcoming production of As You Like It.

About Julie

Julie just moved back to Austin after traveling and doing art stuff around the country, including a super weird residency at the Elsewhere museum in Greensboro, NC. In Austin you may have seen her in productions with La Fenice (the Lure of the Maiden's Chest), Trouble Puppet (Wars of Heaven Part 1), the Vortex (Changelings) and Rudy Ramirez/Sky Candy (Cosmicomics). Or you may not have, you're probably busy.

Why'd you want to do it Julie?

Shakespeare's clowns are so different from the kind of clowning I normally do that this seemed like a fun challenge to take on and a great way to work with a new-to-me company. Lily and the cast are so willing to play and try new things, this will definitely be a one of a kind production.


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