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AYLI Artist Profile: Kriston Woodreaux

Kriston Woodreaux plays Orlando in Shrewd's upcoming production of As You Like It.

About Kriston

Having recently relocated from Chicago, As You Like It is not only Kriston’s theatrical debut in Austin, but also his first time on stage since 2012. Not for lack of trying, though. He spent four years competing on collegiate forensics teams where he got to exercise a different niche of performance. A five-time national champion, and sixteen-time state champion, Kriston now coaches mostly in the Austin area. He’s excited to be welcomed by Shrewd to work with such a stellar production team, and cast.

Why are you excited about this production of As You Like It?

The spectrum the characters find themselves traveling along throughout the play has always intrigued me. Hell, the spectrum is a character in itself. For Orlando, I'm still asking myself "When am I playing at an identity?", "When am I truly encompassing one?". The even heavier question to ask is "Have my new circumstances brought about something inside I never knew I possessed?".


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