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AYLI Artist Profile: Robin Grace Thompson

Robin Grace Thompson plays Celia in Shrewd's upcoming production of As You Like It.

About Robin

Robin Grace Thompson (Celia) is a teaching artist and museum director/curator here in Austin. She spends her summers out in the piney woods with Camp Shakespeare at Winedale and is excited to be working on Shakespeare back in the big city. She holds a BA in Theater from St Edward’s University and was a member of the Actor's Theatre of Louisville Acting Apprentice Program in ’05-‘06. This is her first time to perform with Shrewd and most of the actors in this magical ensemble. She has previously worked with Whirligig, ScriptWorks, Mary Moody Northen Theatre, Palindrome Theatre, Salvage Vanguard Theatre, and Breaking String Theatre.

Why are you excited about this production of As You Like It?

For the past seven summers I have had the privilege of watching children play and explore Shakespeare's words through performance. Every year they surprise and inspire me- as an artist, a teacher, and an actress. I have never experience that type of magic in performance before. That is until I worked with Lily Wolf last winter. Lily believes in play. She believes in, fosters, and encourages PLAY. Shrewd's exploration of As You Like It is brave and honest and filled with the spirit of creative process. Above all else- it focuses on the words- it honors the words- it begins with the words. Male actors, female actors, it doesn't matter- it all comes back to the words. That's my kind of process- what a wonderful place to begin. We invite you all to slink by and note us!


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