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AYLI Artist Profile: Mindy Griffin

Mindy Griffin is the Stage Manager for Shrewd's upcoming production of As You Like It.

About Mindy

Mindy Griffin graduated from Southwestern University with a BA in theatre, and a shamefully low GPA, but hey, if you’ve got good grades, you’re devoting too much time to studying and not enough time to the theatre. Since then she has worked as the resident stage manager, prop master, company manager and master of excellence at Know Theatre of Cincinnati, prop goddess at Bristol Valley Theatre in Naples, NY, and an assortment of other stage managey proppy jobs here and there. For the past five years, she has served on the board of directors for Last Act Theatre Company, as well as being the production stage manager, props master, and as needed, (and somewhat begrudgingly) costume designer and scenic artist. Running a company with her best friends (the tiny, badass, grumpy women who GET THINGS DONE) is one of the greatest artistic experiences, and she cannot wait for Austin to see what they’ve got coming up next! In her spare time before rehearsals, Mindy teaches pre-k, which is the greatest job ever for someone with such a low maturity level. After all the theatering and teaching is done, she is grateful to be marrying a good man who tolerates her theatre habit, and makes her dino-nuggets and macaroni and cheese after a long day at rehearsal.

Why are you excited about this production of As You Like It?

This is my first time working with Shrewd Productions. I’ve seen a few of their shows, and have loved the bold work I’ve seen. I’m always interested in new interpretations of classic works, so the gender casting and the reordering of scenes is right up my alley. I’ve worked with several artists involved in this production, and am excited to work with them on a new project, as well as many many new artists. As a theatre producer, I am always on the lookout for talented actors, directors and designers to work with, and I have nothing but good impressions of this group.

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