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Hold Me Well Artist Profile: Taylor Flanagan

Taylor Flanagan plays Raquel in the World Premiere of Eva Suter's Hold Me Well for Shrewd.

Taylor Flanagan - Raquel in Hold Me Well

What drew you to Hold Me Well?

I love Shakespeare. So initially I was drawn to this show because I heard it was kind of like the Othello story, but set after the apocalypse. So that caught my eye. And I hadn't gotten the chance to work with Rudy as a director before. So that was another plus. Then I heard it was all-female and I thought: a show entirely comprised of talented, badass women?! Yes and PLEASE! And then I got to read Eva's script and I was like: y'all...gimme this.

About Taylor

This is Taylor Flanagan's second show with Shrewd. She played Amiens, Le Beau, William, and Hymen in Shrewd's recent production of As You Like It earlier this year. She counts herself very lucky to have gotten the chance to sing Lynn Mikeska's beautiful score and to work with that amazing creative team on and off stage. And now she is very happy to perform with Shrewd again so soon. Taylor has won a couple B. Iden Payne awards: first for The Teacher in The Visit (back in her Vortex Summer Youth Theatre days) and then Gabrielle York in When the Rain Stops Falling (with Different Stages). You may have seen her in any number of things around town, but her most recent performance was as Joan in The Lark directed by Tina Peppas. It closed in May. She has still not moved on. So be gentle. When she's not onstage, she teaches Spanish and Theatre at ATA College Prep, spends time with the best husband on the planet, and caters to the wishes of their grumpy tortoise and crabby cat. If you want more information about her you can visit

(Taylor Flanagan as Raquel in Eva Suter's Hold Me Well, Photo by Errich Peterson)

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