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Hold Me Well Artist Profile: Emily Rankin

Emily Rankin plays Casey in the World Premiere of Eva Suter's Hold Me Well for Shrewd.

Emily Rankin - Casey in Hold Me Well

What drew you to Hold Me Well?

I was drawn to Eva Suter’s Hold Me Well in part because I found it fascinating to see the classic themes in Othello—jealousy, desire, suspicion, and fear—played out in an atmosphere free from gender bias or the too-rigid ideas found in the gender binary. In an all-female cast, these themes are freed from their conventionally stereotypical gender roles and become universal. Watch the video below for more thoughts from Emily on creating Casey.

About Emily

Emily Rankin is an actor, director, and stage manager who’s worked with several companies in and around Austin, including Penfold, Hidden Room, 600 Highwaymen, Present Company, 7 Towers, Actors’ Theatre of Austin, and Sherrod Curry Productions. She’s thrilled to be a part of her second Shrewd Productions show after working on the stage management team for their collaboration with Whirligig Productions’ Deus Ex Machina. In the fall, she’ll be stage managing Present Company’s production of Twelfth Night.

(Emily Rankin as Casey in Eva Suter's Hold Me Well, Photo by Errich Peterson)

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