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Hold Me Well Artist Profile: Ellie McBride

Ellie McBride plays Amelia in the World Premiere of Eva Suter's Hold Me Well for Shrewd.

Hayley Armstrong - Des in Hold Me Well

Why are you excited to be working on Hold Me Well?

When Eva's version of Hold Me Well was put up at UT for the New Works festival in 2014, I was fortunate be be invited to work on that version, as Amelia. I love working on new plays in the throws of development, and it was a wonderful opportunity to be part of Hold Me Well's evolution. When Rudy asked me to join the Shrews production, I was super excited to see where Eva had taken the play and Amelia, and where Rudy's concepts for the show would take things. It's been a wonder revisiting this with different people and seeing how every touch, by every artist, reanimates a moment and gives it a new color and a different perspective; to see the domino effect of each choice made to create a whole new thing; to feel that effect and let it reshape Amelia, and her oh-so-damaged relationships with these women.

About Ellie

Ellie McBride is a performer, director, dramaturg, voice actor, and producer working in Austin since 1997. A company member with Rude Mechs, she was last seen in their production of Fixing Timon of Athens, earlier this year. Ellie is really excited to be working with Shrewds for the first time. She is also very excited to be able to work with Rudy for the first time (although one of her favorite theatrical experiences ever, was earlier this year, when the sound system gave out during the Scriptworks Out of Ink shows she and Rudy were directing and they jumped in to do last minute Foley. Rudy's explosions saved Ellie's play). (Ellie McBride as Amelia in Eva Suter's Hold Me Well, Photo by Errich Peterson)

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