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Meet Henrietta! Valoneecia Tolbert

Valoneecia Tolbert stars as Henrietta Swan Leavitt in the world premiere of Reina Hardy's THE AFTERPARTY for Shrewd Productions

Henrietta in The Afterparty

A message from Valoneecia

Valoneecia is so excited for this interesting take on the afterlife written by Reina Hardy and directed by Liz Fisher. While the idea of being in a production written by local play phenom Reina Hardy and the genius Liz Fisher in the directors seat was exciting enough, I started learning more about Henrietta Leavitt. Henrietta is a bright star whose singular discovery achievements acted as the cornerstone to Edwin Hubbles work and his discovery of a cephiad located in Andromeda (I see what you did there Reina!); Yet we know nothing about her or or her groundbreaking work. This is why I am so proud to be a company member of Shrewd Productions. We are given the opportunity to act as a voice to the unobserved or un-credited moments of action, powerful dreams and even bigger actions women, POC and the LBGTQ communities take. In being able to see ourselves positively reflected and even recognizing HER for her achievements, we make room for other women and encourage our own success. #representationmatters. I hope I do this heroine with a pen justice.

About Valoneecia Tolbert

Valoneecia is an Austin homegrown stage, film and voice actor, who obtained her BFA from Texas State . She is excited to be in this, her third Shrewd show, with previous roles as Marianne Angelle in The Revolutionists directed by Rudy Ramirez and Phoebe in As You Like It directed by Lily Wolf. Val's most recent performance pieces include Ashe' Arts collaborative effort of Zell Miller, III and Sade Jones, The Process, and Hidden Room Theatre's production of Henry IV as Kate Percy directed by Beth Burns. Besides being a Company and Board member to our very own Shrewd Productions, she is also a company member of Ashe' Arts Collective and Hidden Room Theater. She is beyond excited to finally be in a show written by local treasure Reina Hardy. Thank you Shrewd productions and Liz Fisher for this opportunity. #representationmatters

(Photo by Errich Peterson, Costume by Monica Pasut, makeup by Amelia Turner)

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