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Meet Aristophanes! Rommel Sulit!

Rommel Sulit stars as Aristophanes in the world premiere of Reina Hardy's THE AFTERPARTY for Shrewd Productions

Aristophanes in The Afterparty

A message from Rommel

And here I thought I was signing up for another Shrewd burlesque show ... oh well, at least I get to pet Trey and stare at Shannon's butt. And of course getting to play the Father of Comedy is a reward in itself. So thanks Reina, thanks Liz and Shan. Big ... er ... shoes to fill. And you know what they say about guys with -- you know, come to think of it, Aristophanes probably came up with that joke. True or not, I'm going with it.

About Rommel Sulit

Rommel is a stage and film actor, producer and architect. He is excited to be in this, his third Shrewd show, with previous roles as the Man in THE DRAGON PLAY (opposite Liz Fisher as Woman) and as Constantine in BIG LOVE. This is his first time performing at the Vortex or in anything by Reina, for which both he is truly grateful. Recent theatre credits include Hector in FIXING TROILUS AND CRESSIDA by Kirk Lynn (Rude Mechs) and King Henry IV in HENRY IV by you know who (Hidden Room Theatre). He is co-founder of Street Corner Arts whose recent productions POCATELLO by Samuel D. Hunter and GROUNDED by George Brant garnered (8) Austin Critics Table Award nominations. He trained at the School at Steppenwolf and asks you to stay positive but vigilant as we try to solve Austin’s art space problem.

(Photo by Errich Peterson, Costume by Monica Pasut, makeup by Amelia Turner)

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