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Meet the Set Designer - Indigo Rael!

Indigo Rael is the Set Designer for Shrewd's NNPN rolling world premiere of Stephanie Alison Walker's THE MADRES.

Indigo Rael - Set Designer

A message from Indigo

When Lily approached me about designing this show, I wondered if she would need a creative way to use garbage (my specialty). After reading the script I recognized the need for a quiet background upon which this important story could unfold. Of course I’m sourcing materials that might have been thrown away, and choosing sustainable ways to build and recycle this production. I’m honored to play with these artists, and excited to share the story of a generation discarded by their government. I hope you feel at home in the space we have created, but not comfortable. Like The Madres who did not sit to watch history play out by some (too familiar) authority, I am inspired to speak up for the voices who cannot.

About Indigo Rael

Indigo Rael is an art school drop out who moved to Austin in 2008 to pursue acting. Between stage and film work, she finds opportunities to create visual worlds with props and scenic design. She was a designer for “JOHN” at Hyde Park Theatre, for “STORM STILL” at The Vortex and “Polly Mermaid: Apocalypse Wow!” with Glass Half Full Theatre. Indigo has Art Directed music videos for bands including The Bright Light Social Hour, Golden Bear, and Andain. She has worked as a colorist on the comic book "Couri Vine" illustrated by Leah Lovise. In her daytimes, Indigo coordinates an afterschool program with Creative Action, sharing her multiple disciplines with young leaders of tomorrow. She is passionate about post-consumer waste as an artistic medium, using trash to create the magical mythology around our Great Pacific Garbage Patch with her alter ego Polly Mermaid. Next up she’ll be assistant producing and puppeteering in Glass Half Full Theatre’s workshop production of “The Cucuy Project” at The Dougherty Arts Center.

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