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Artist Spotlight: Andy Shaw - Small Steps

Meet Andy Shaw, starring as Alan James, Neil Armstrong, Hot Guy, Torso, Senator, and more in Shrewd Productions' World Premiere of Small Steps! Get Tickets to Small Steps today!

Dane Parker plays Skip Powers in Small Steps
Andy Shaw plays Alan James, Neil Armstrong, Hot Guy, Torso, Senator, and more in Small Steps

About Andy Shaw Andy Shaw originally spawned in Sunland, California and has, since a very early age, loved wearing the skins of others for fun, on stage and on camera! For the past decade, he's also worked as an AV Lead for a number of really cool plays and has had the privilege of working as a DP, grip, gaffer, and writer on a number of films in Texas and California. Stories are, he believes, the best way to demonstrate that a person can endure great pain, hardship, confusion, and still be proud of the person they become. He feels most inspired by music like Florence and the Machine, Kill Six Billion Demons, Bigweld, and Lord Of The Rings. Most importantly, Andy would like to thank his friends, without whom he wouldn't be here.

He hopes you have a wonderful time with this show, and thanks you for supporting your local community theatre.

A Message from Andy

I'm excited about Small Steps because I relate at a very deep level to the themes this play covers; loneliness, family expectations, struggles with identity. Skip and I share a lot in common, and getting to talk about these issues is really important to me. It's a privilege to stretch my acting legs with dynamic characters wrapped in such a personal, untethered story, and to meet the folks I'm acting alongside. They're all such great people who freely welcomed an amateur like me. I didn't think I would be acting again for a long time before this audition came my way. So if this is the last time, then I'm delighted and relieved that it was this show.


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