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Artist Spotlight: Jen Brown - Small Steps

Meet Jen Brown, starring as The Announcer, Lucy, Tia Dorene, Abstinence Coach, Atlantis, and more in Shrewd Productions' World Premiere of Small Steps! Get Tickets to Small Steps today!

Dane Parker plays Skip Powers in Small Steps
Jen Brown plays The Announcer, Lucy, Tia Dorene, Abstinence Coach, Atlantis and more in Small Steps.

About Jen Brown Jen Brown is an enigma. A mystery. To know about Jen Brown is to know about eternity. Can a human brain truly comprehend infinity? If one can, they will see the face of Jen Brown. The genderqueer Latin-extra autodidact has been spotted in the Austin theatre scene for nearly 20 years & recently started performing in drag shows as Frida-Ann Slip. You can hear them as Harley Quinn, Mary Marvel & others in DCUO, as well as in many popular animated series such as Camp Camp, RWBY, & RED VS BLUE. Jen launched Brown Recluse Productions in 2020 after El Rey Network green-lit their genre-film variety talk show Genre Graveyard. The 4 episodes that aired on TV (before El Rey channel fully shutdown in Dec 2020) can be watched for free via Jen’s website:

A Message from Jen

Jen has been a huge fan of Shrewd’s work for at least 10 years & couldn’t possibly be happier to be making their onstage return with this group of immensely talented artists. As a queer artist, Briandaniel’s whip smart script immediately made an impression & getting to be a part of its long awaited world premiere fills Jen with genuine pride & joy.


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