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Meet Annika - Greetings from Shrewd Mountain Lodge

Annika is a BIG DEAL, y'all. But she graciously returns to her small Texas town to do some quick costume touch-ups for the annual Shrewd Mountain Lodge holiday show - before zipping New York as soon as she can. But this year, Annika gets a nasty surprise when the ENTIRE SHOW needs a re-design, top to bottom. Not to worry, Annika's a professional, and she's not bitter about it... at all! Get Tickets to Shrewd Mountain Lodge today!

Yesenia Garcia Herrington plays Annika Hall in "Greetings from Shrewd Mountain Lodge: A Holiday Whodunit"
Yesenia Garcia Herrington as Annika Hall

A message from Yesenia

I've always loved costume design. And as far as Divas go, I come from a long line of them. The opportunity to bring Annika Hall to life was a win-win for me. Finally, a chance to let my inner Carolina Herrera free! P.S. I love receiving all of the letters from Camp Shrewd and now I get to write them!

About Yesenia Garcia Herrington

Yesenia Garcia Herrington is excited to return to Shrewd after performing in the National New Play Network's Rolling World Premiere of The Madres (BroadwayWorld Austin Nomination). She has been involved in over 50 television and film projects. She has taught courses in acting, voice, and theatre history at Austin Community College, Central Texas College, Concordia University, Southwestern University, Temple College, and Texas State University. In 2015 she was invited by President Barack Obama to attend the 50th Anniversary of the National Endowment of the Arts at The White House. She is represented by The Acting Group (TAG) Talent Agency.


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