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Meet Dolores - Greetings from Shrewd Mountain Lodge

Dolores loves the holidays, and she LOVES being in the annual Shrewd Mountain Lodge holiday show - every single year. Maybe this year, she'll even land a speaking part! Come for the spectacle, and stay for her legendary Molasses Spice cookies.... if you dare. Get Tickets to Shrewd Mountain Lodge today!

Anne Hulsman plays Dolores Green in "Greetings from Shrewd Mountain Lodge: A Holiday Whodunit"
Anne Hulsman as Dolores Green

A message from Dolores

I love working on Shrewd’s shows and especially this one, as I love the different ways the show connects to its audience. Also, I love the Xmas season. My fondest memories are of me on stage, or people clapping because I make the most incredible cookies, or my fabulous/famous Xmas sweaters. People always tell me that they’re all so unique. There are a million incredible things I can’t wait to tell you during this show. I promise YOU’RE GOING TO LOVE ME (everyone does). Oh and the show will be fun too!

About Anne Hulsman

Anne has been involved with Shrewd since the early days and is also involved with many other theaters around town and around the country. She received a Communication Degree from the University of Texas at Austin and studied theater at the American Conservatory Theater. She was the co-concept creator of "Letters from Camp Shrewd", and played Jennifer, the camp counselor. Anne has also appeared in Shrewd productions "Big Love", "The Long Now", "Io: a Myth About You" and as Other in "Where Are They Now: A Fantasy Based on a True Crime" for which she received the Austin Critics Table Award.


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