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Meet Jessica - Greetings from Shrewd Mountain Lodge

After an unfortunate Twitter melt-down, Jessica is determined to rehabilitate her image by appearing as the lead in this wholesome, holiday show. She's counting on the royal treatment at Shrewd Mountain Lodge - glowing reviews, adoring fans, and a sure path back to television, where she belongs. She's betting it all on this show...and it better pay off! Get Tickets to Shrewd Mountain Lodge today!

Shannon Grounds plays Jessica Champlain in "Greetings from Shrewd Mountain Lodge: A Holiday Whodunit"
Shannon Grounds as Jessica Champlain

A message from Shannon

After such a dark, difficult time for everyone in the theatre industry, it's such a pleasure to participate in something as fun and truly funny as Shrewd Mountain Lodge! I had a blast producing and designing for Letters for Camp Shrewd, and I'm super-stoked that I get to be in this one as an actor. Huge thanks to Jenny Connell Davis, Trey Deason, and Raul Garza for writing such a hysterical and robust comedy, and to Taylor, Anne, Yesenia, Raul, Blaise, Andrea and Melinda for agreeing to work on this next iteration of Shrewd's plays-at-a-distance.

About Shannon Grounds

Shannon is the Producing Artistic Director of Shrewd Productions, and a long-time company member of Vortex Repertory and Hyde Park Theatre. She works with many companies around town, but spends most of her time producing, directing, acting, and even occasionally designing for Shrewd shows. She's been nominated as an actor and producer for 17 B. Iden Payne Awards, 8 Austin Critics Table awards, and several Broadway World and Austin Theatre Examiner awards, winning the B. Iden Payne for Best Production of a Comedy with the cast and crew for The Revolutionists, and Austin Critics Table awards for her performances in Shrewd's Milk Milk Lemonade, Hyde Park Theatre's Blue Surge, and Austin Shakespeare's Titus Andronicus. Shannon was seen most recently in Shrewd's rolling world premiere of Alabaster and Vortex Repertory's Vortex Odyssey: Underworld. She looks forward to appearing in the next Malum Malus Burlesque show, coming this February!


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