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Xmas Auction Spotlight - Carolyn Edge

Artist Carolyn Edge donated some amazing designs for our Xmas Unwrapped Auction!

Auction Spotlight - EdgeCraft

A Message from Carolyn

I've been crafting and creating as long as I can remember. My last name is Edge, the type of art I do is called on-edge quilling, and some of my work has an edgy feel to it. And so, EdgeCraft was born.

I've found that art can be a powerful tool in expression, whether that's joy or pain. I hope you'll find that my artwork adds joy to your everyday life. In my slightly "edgier" pieces, I strive to say that even in life's tougher moments, beauty can shine through. Often we want to hide or stifle the negative areas of life. But I believe that when we fully embrace whatever life throws at us, and integrate it with art, we can find healing by holding all parts of our experience in power.

Whether you're looking for a unique gift or a one-of-a-kind work of art to brighten your own home, I'm glad you're here! Welcome to life on the Edge!

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