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Xmas Spotlight - Bernadette Nason

We're thrilled to have Austin's famous storyteller, Bernadette Nason, with us for Xmas Unwrapped - A Holiday Cabaret!! Bernadette will be performing a piece from her new book, Stealing Baby Jesus - A Treasury of Ludicrous Attempts to Save Christmas!

Brian Oglesby writes "Tay" in Letters from Camp Shrewd

Bernadette has also donated autographed copies of her novels, Stealing Baby Jesus and Tea in Tripoli for Shrewd's Xmas Silent Auction, going live December 12th!

About Bernadette

Born and bred in the UK, Bernadette Nason is an award-winning actor, author, voice-over artist, storyteller, and touring artist with the Texas Commission on the Arts. Her new memoir, "STEALING BABY JESUS: A Treasury of Ludicrous Attempts to Rescue Christmas" was just published, and "Tea in Tripoli," about her year of living dangerously in North Africa, was released in 2017. Next up may well be "Dinner in Dubai," about five wild years in the UAE. But before that, look out for her solo presentation of "A Christmas Carol" on Austin Playhouse's youtube channel, December 18-21. Visit


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